Jazz concert review: Weekend of Jazz, 2013

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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Jazz concert review: Weekend of Jazz, 2013. Introduction Renowned jazz guitarist Earl Klugh hosted his annual jazz concert event from April 4 to 6 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs (Klugh 1). This is a five star hotel at the Kiawah Island offering executive entertainment and culinary delicacies.


Popular culture in US has integrated complex social events in human interaction as the platform to socialize, share ideas and mentorship. In order to gain a clear perspective on jazz music, its significance in modern society and its characteristics a recently held jazz concert has been analyzed. This report offers a descriptive analysis the Weekend of Jazz annual concert from an audience perspective with the objective of gaining an external posting of jazz in popular culture. Weekend of Jazz Concert, April 4- 6, 2013 Live musical concert give deeper experience with the artistic compositions than listening through radio or television broadcast. Audience connects with words and instrumentation in the live event inspiring emotional feelings that relate to the intended effect by the composer of the song. Inspired by these ideas I attended the Colorado Springs Weekend of Jazz, CO, Kiawah Island, CS. A close friend who is jazz fan attended the last year event and had participated in January feedback survey by the event organizer (Klugh Earl 1). She won two tickets for the three night event which were previously rated at $ 199 per night per person for the executive stay at the villa. ...
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