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The cultural impact of computer recording on popular music

This "The cultural impact of computer recording on pop music" essay outlines that the involvement of computer in the production and the process of pop music changed it. Important aspect is highlighted in the study of Dawe (2004); in accordance with the above researcher, the use of computers in music recording allowed the increase of production of music (Dawe 2004, 19) – reference is made specifically to the pop music which has been mostly benefited by the involvement of computers in the specific field. The introduction of computerized systems in music recording increased the potentials of music producers for the production of high quality music – referring to the advanced features available to the music producers compared to the past where the time required for the recording of a music piece could be significant mostly because of the limited technical potentials of the analogue systems – which were used in music recording up to the introduction of the computer systems in the particular field. The above fact is also highlighted in the study of Gordon (2005) who noted that the production of music of improved quality is another benefit of the use of computerized systems in music recording (Gordon 2005, 184). Apart from the historical development of music recording, the sociological aspects of the specific activity are also important for understanding its cultural context, especially in regard to the freedom provided to music producers to produce and sell their music pieces in the international market. ...
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This essay describes how the development of the technology used in music recording has influenced it. The cultural effects of computer recording on pop music can be understood by referring primarily to the historical and the sociological aspects of the particular activity…
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