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The Music of Black Americans By Eileen Southern - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper is a book review on “The Music of black Americans” by Eileen Southern, which is dedicated to the born of new nation after hundreds of years of the racism and slavery…

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The Music of Black Americans By Eileen Southern

The general status of black music during the years of slavery had been featured in this chapter. During the early establishment of the Republic, it has been widely perceived by the Southern Slave States that the main priority of the United State’s Government does not include promoting the humanitarian rights of the slaves. They have seen that their concern is generally focused on the economic, legal and sovereignty aspect as they continued to expand territory and conquer more slave state. Thus, the civil rights and privileges of the slaves such as their lands and voting rights are still neglected and continued to diminish with the development of the republic. This in turn caused further secession of more slave states to the republican nation. This action is perceived by the republican government as an act of treason, seizure of national territory and an act of revolt to the government thus only made the civil war to be more likely. Slowly the complication started from actual acts of hostility as the defense of the republican government from the attacks of the slaves and then continued to be further aggravated to war. Thus, this makes the slavery system the main roots and cause of the civil war during the early stages of the republican nation. ...
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