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Essay example - Gospel music

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This essay describes the origin of the gospel music and its cultural importance. Gospel music was born of the American experience and is expressive of the American spirit itself. This music tells of the experiences of the American people and is a positive musical tradition…

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This "Gospel music" essay outlines historical overview of this genre and motives for its inception. Insofar as Southern gospel music is concerned, often the most overlooked of the three, it is linked to the white Southern race in America and tells of their experiences. Insisting on a clear demarcation between Southern and black gospel, Goff states that despite the fact that they are both native to the south, the one is Evangelical, carries a predominantly biblical based message and evolved out of the desire of Southern traveling ministers to spread the word of God, while the other is exclusively black and limited to the narration and expression of the black experience. The traditional Southern gospel does not subscribe to any particular musical rhythm but, as Goff explains, occupies a large range of musical styles and tunes, from the spiritual to the popular secular and from the solo baritone to the choral and multi-part harmony. Its defining feature, and what establishes it as a distinct category of gospel music, is the nature and content of its message. As stated, the message is wholly religious and its content expresses the Southern Evangelical experience and spiritual sentiment (Geoff). Consequently, as may be determined from the stated, of all the categories of gospel music, Southern gospel is that which is almost exclusively religious. As is evident from the preceding discussion, gospel music is a vital and vibrant musical genre, solidly rooted in the history and experiences of this country and its diverse people and races. ...
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