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The Mariinsky Orchestra Concert Report Date; 11, Oct 2011 Time; 8pm-10.30pm Venue; Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium Introduction Eleventh, Oct 2011 is perhaps one of the most memorable days of my life. I had a chance to attend the Mariinsky Orchestra concert held at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium.


Mariinsky Orchestra I had done beforehand personal investigations on Mariinsky Orchestra. The Symphony orchestra is arguably the oldest Russian performing Orchestra. Valery Gergiev, the leader, and performance conductor has been instrumental in making Mariinsky a success (Thomas 1). The theatre was well prepared and certainly customized for this particular performance. Arrangement of the hall, lighting, stage sound system, decorations and curtains were all-perfect for the performance. The overall performance was astounding. Contrary to the modern music, concerts performed by young contemporary rock or reggae artists this performance was characterized by great deal of experience and originality in playing instruments. As the ensemble performed Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, and Shostakovich, every instrument was played with impeccable clarity and finesse. Stage presence and good use of onstage space was observable. The performance reminded me of the first time I read the book Romeo and Juliet. Amazingly, the ensemble could tell the whole story by use of instruments and stage performance without speaking a word. Prokofiev arguably took the longest time to perform. Every aspect of this performance was amazing. The drumbeats corresponded with a rise and fall of tempo and tone variation. ...
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