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The creative use of music within occupational therapy

This "The creative use of music within occupational therapy" essay describes what types of illnesses music can heal, why and how it happens. Many hospitals, special schools, prisons and community service centers offer music therapy for children through adults. “Developmental delay, emotional and behavioural problems, autistic, spectrum disorders, learning disability, communication disorders, mental health problems stress, stroke recovery/rehabilitation and physical illness” describe some of the conditions for which people have found music therapy to be beneficial. “By offering support and acceptance the therapist can help the client to work towards emotional release and self acceptance” (What is Music Therapy 2005). A music therapist might work in public practice such as a hospital, at the government level, e.g: at the local education facilities, a national health organization or social service work. They may also choose private practice with an office to themselves. “In all work settings, music therapists function as part of the multi-disciplinary team, their observations adding greatly to the understanding of each client's needs, abilities or problems”. Often working as a part of a team, music therapists may “coordinate programming with other professionals such as early intervention specialists, medical personnel, child-life specialists, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, adapted physical education specialists and art and dance/movement therapists”. ...
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This essay describes the definition of music therapy, the job of music therapists, how music therapy aids in stress reduction, pain management, autism, and dementia. It will also discover how music therapy makes a difference with young children and pediatric palliative care…
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