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Johann Christian Bach Johann Christian Bach was a German classical composer who was born to Johann Sebastian and Anna Magdalena Bach in Leipzig, Germany on September 5, 1735. As the son of famous classical composer J.S. Bach, it came as no surprise that his youngest child would be as musically gifted, if not more so.


After J.S. died when J.C. was only fifteen, J.C.’s older brother, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, took over the musical instruction (Erickson 174). Bach’s works reveal the influences from both his father and his brother. Classical music is “serious or conventional music that follows long-established principles (Vandome 7)”. As a classical composer, Bach was limited to the rules placed down by the many classical artists before his time, including those of his father and brother. Indeed, the majority of what J.C. Learned growing up had been the works of his father, which helped him to understand the principles of classical music. After being taught by his father and brother, J.C. Bach moved to Italy in 1756 to learn under Giovanni Battista Martini, another famous classical musician. While living in Italy, Bach obtained the job as the organist at Milan Cathedral, where he also wrote two of his Masses, a Requiem, and a Te Deum. J.C. Bach was the only child of the eleven Bach siblings to dabble in opera, which became a successful career for him. He first wrote the arias to be placed into the operas written by other composers, and then he wrote pastiches; it was in 1760 that he was paid to write a complete opera, Artaserse. Two years after, he was commissioned by the King’s Theatre in London to write more operas. ...
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