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Does heavy metal rock music encourage violence in teenagers?

"Does heavy metal rock music encourage violence in teenagers?" essay describes is there any relation between the listening of a heavy metal music and cruelty among youngsters. The thumping beats of the heavy metal genre have found popularity in the adolescents extensively. A lot of times the young people especially in their teenage suffer from a low self-esteem. These are the formative years of a man and for the first time they experience an interaction with the world. Their ambitions and self-expectations are high and they have to face a lot of peer pressures. Most of the adolescents in this age do not know how to deal with this. As a result they often suffer from low confidence or a rage towards the world. Their minds are also easily impressionable. In this situation these people often identify with the loudness of the heavy metal music. They find their role models in band like Slipknot or Megadeath. Teenagers often spend a large amount time listening to music. Estimates suggest that the average teenager spends 40 hours of the week listening to music. However this identification and consequent long hours of exposure to the aggressive forms of music can soon have a snowball effect.
Secondly, the lyrical content of such music has a wide range of subjects. This can sometimes pertain to drug and alcohol addiction. Many of the times the lifestyles of the musicians are imitated by the teenagers because they think it is stylish. There is often a reference to suicide as the method of freedom from the troubles of life. ...
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This essay describes a correlation between violent activity and listening to heavy metal music and tries to analyze the causes of this reaction.Teenagers often spend a large amount time listening to music. Estimates suggest that the average teenager spends 40 hours of the week listening to music…
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