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1.) CompTac wants to bring a breach of contract suit against Electrotex. Electrotex is headquartered in New York, and CompTac is headquartered in California. The companies are not both located in California. CompTac cannot bring the suit against Electrotex in state courts of California.


So, CompTac will not be able to bring suit against Electrotex in state of California court, but rather in federal court. 2.) When a customer trips over a cement block in the parking lot of a store, the store is not necessarily responsible for negligence to the property. However, this customer saw that the cement block fell off a truck from the same company as the store. CompTac is legally negligible when the block fell off of a CompTac truck. When the block fell of the truck someone on the truck, or who worked for CompTac was supposed to immediately pick up the block. If someone had immediately picked up the block then the customer would not have tripped over the block, and broke her leg, however, no one who worked for CompTac immediately picked up the block. 3.) When one of a company’s key employees leaves the company the company is going to suffer a loss. However, the company does not always have a claim to recoup some of the losses caused by the untimely departure of a key employee. Because this key employee at CompTac was under a contract to complete a specified amount of time with the company and still made an untimely departure, CompTac is eligible to sue the key employee to recover some of the losses the company faced when the key employee left. ...
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