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Their work has become generally predictable with little or no challenge, especially with the supervisor involving himself at the floor level for telling the workers what to do, and often doing it himself. The workforce needs motivation to get out of its present de-motivated state. Maslow’s theory of motivation with its emphasis on analyzing individual needs and psychological factors will help to find solution. This contrasts with Herzberg’s or McGregor’s theories that place greater importance on situation analysis and management style respectively. Key words: Motivation, Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, needs, psychological factors, Theory X, Theory Y, Gen Xers, Millennials, relationship, team-spirit. Case Study: Sun-2-Shade - Theories of Motivation Case summary The Sun-2-Shade case reflects the situation whereby workers do not feel motivated in spite of the business flourishing, good pay and a supportive supervisor. The significant descriptive words in the case like boring job, resenting supervisor help and late-coming clearly point to the estrangement between the supervisor and his workers, who are said to be around his age group (Gen Xers and Millennials). There is an absence of team-spirit, no sense of belonging or accepting responsibility for their lackadaisical attitude. ...
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Sun-2-Shade case deals with the problem of a successfully running and well-managed company but whose workers appear to be losing interest in what they do. Their work has become generally predictable with little or no challenge, especially with the supervisor involving himself at the floor level for telling the workers what to do, and often doing it himself. …
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