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Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi is not only a genius when it comes to violin playing, teaching or making concertos and operas. He is also an innovator, and also a contributor to music, with program music as an example. Introduction Baroque music is a style of music that began in the period of 1600 to 1750, the time when Bach died. It follows the Renaissance and it is followed by Classical era. It is characteristically ornate. This is the period where operas began, especially in there early stages of it, on 1600-1640s. The text with extreme emotions with homophony was employed. The middle phase was from 1640 to 1680, and in this phase, baroque music was spread all over Europe. The influence of the church is evident in this phase, as the musicians used the major and minor scales. The late phase is the most famous, as the music that is popularly Baroque usually come from this phase. In this phase, the instrumental music became as important as the vocals and elaborate polyphony was the norm. It should be noted that the music prior to the Baroque era is homophonic and the Baroque era gave way to elaborate ensembles. This movement also produced functional tonality and developed new ways of playing with instruments. Pictorialism is evident in music as there are words that are emphasized through the use of notes. It should also be noted that the Baroque orchestra is based on the violin. ...
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Your Name Your Antonio Vivaldi and Four Seasons: Program Music and Musical Pictorialism Antonio Vivaldi is named as one of the best musicians in the field of classical music. His most famous work is the Four Seasons…
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