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Business Strategy Table of Contents Business Strategy 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Section 1: Strategic Formulation 3 a) Vision, Mission and Core Competencies 3 b) Stakeholder Analysis 4 c) Environmental Analysis 5 PESTEL Analysis 5 Porter’s 5 Force Model 7 SWOT Analysis 9 d) Strategic Positioning 13 Section 2: Strategic Planning 17 a)Market Dynamic Model 17 b)Strategic Planning Techniques 17 Section 3: Alternate growth strategy 19 Section 4: Strategy Implementation 21 Reference 23 Introduction One of the constituents of FTSE 100, Tesco is the global merchandise and grocery retail company.


Apart from the core business areas the company is also located at Ireland, Malaysia and Thailand. Worldwide Tesco operates in over 2318 stores with 1878 stores located at UK only. With the success of self-service store of grocery Tesco was born from the amalgamation of Cohen and T.E. Stockwell. After a strong start the company stated expanding its business ranging from small retail stores to large supermarkets. With the diversification in household goods the brand became very popular in the mind of the people. Tesco then entered into the petrol stations for selling fuels at a very competitive price and then also expanded into banking, financial services and products. This report is mainly concerned with business strategies implemented by Tesco at different levels of its management process in different business areas (Data monitor, 2004, p.4). Section 1: Strategic Formulation a) Vision, Mission and Core Competencies Vision depicts what the company wants to be i.e. ...
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