Business Policy and Analysis: Global Pharmaceuticals

Business Policy and Analysis: Global Pharmaceuticals Essay example
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Business Policy and Analysis Global Pharmaceuticals Abstract The global pharmaceutical industry is one of the most politicized and contentious industries in international commerce and trade. This is because it is closely related to the humanitarian challenge to preserve life and the quality of life to which all people are entitled to.


It requires a large investment by big corporations that could afford to hire the most qualified and competent scientists and physicians, acquire highly sophisticated equipment and laboratories, and sustain the entire effort for years at a time. This type of activity can be undertaken only by large pharmaceutical companies in the rich, developed countries, and only on promise of financial gain. The business of Global pharmaceuticals cannot be sustained without earning a substantial profit on its investment. It must therefore be embarked upon with the proper strategic planning. This is the context upon which this report is based. In examining the global pharmaceutical industry, the report makes use of two environmental tools for analysis – the PESTLE model, and Porter’s five forces model. Both these tools supply information about the environment of an industry that would sound off potential threats and opportunities that corporations in the industry must address. The analyses are given based on the available academic and industry literature, with the corresponding conclusions for each part. Table of Contents Title page 1 Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Part I – PESTLE Analysis 4 2.1 Political 4 2.2 Economic 4 2.3 Social 5 2.4 Technological 5 2.5 Legal 6 2.6 Environmental 6 2.7 Conclusion – PESTLE Analysis 7 3. ...
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