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Article Summary The article reviewed entitled “Development Opportunity” (Scott, 2010) is a summary of a round-table discussion of how companies deal with their learning and development in the face of global transformation and financial constraints. It discussed how learning and development would yield adequate return on investment for the business since in most organizations, measurement of such is not faithfully implemented.


In some cases, it is for training a new breed of leaders or preparing people for change. It is essential to define what needs to be achieved in the training before learning is embarked upon so that learning is customized and not delivered generically. The article gives some guidelines in toning down what is necessary in learning and development (L & D) programs. An approach called RAM is suggested. R stands for relevance, which asks, “What is it for? Why are we doing it? Has the work changed? Has the business changed?”. A stands for alignment, which asks consults the stakeholders who will benefit from it. Lastly, M stands for measurement, which looks into the impact and value of the L & D (Scott, 2010). Since options to save up on L & D expenses have been cut short, online training services have been made available by a few groups where employees can log on to the company’s learning management server and choose a program they believe will help them in an area they need training for. Such service conducts an impact and learning study to monitor how they improved from the training. ...
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