Hildegard Von Bingen, aka. St. Hildegard.

Hildegard Von Bingen, aka. St. Hildegard. Essay example
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Hildegard Von Bingen, aka. St. Hildegard.
The influence of Hildegard through her music has transcended in such that it remains one of the most notable in the tradition of the Christian faith.


The first song, ‘Spiritus Sanctus’ is homage to the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit sung in beautiful Latin by angelic voices of piety. The song, as though speaking to one’s soul, reverberates with the power of the Holy Spirit as it is sent down to Earth by God to overlook His creation. It emphasizes the scope of the life that is given and how Man must overcome sin and celebrate the life that was given. Spiritus Sanctus is an affirmation of the power of singing and how it is associated with prayer. The song which is basically a chant is sort of an interpretation of its composer of the sounds of heaven and quite possibly how the angels must be singing to God in His praise.
The harmony in the song is very eminent as it is sung in chorus by a group. It is a quintessential prayer where there are varied pitches in the middle of the song at a much faster pace wherein one or a couple voices are more audible. This is then followed by a harmonious chorus of the rest which backs the primary voices. Among the most piercing of the elements is the subsequent coming together of the voices from a lowered modulation to sing “Spiritus Sanctus” in unison toward the end with about less than a minute left. The song, which is a healing prayer, revitalizes the spirits and catapults it into a sense of euphoric sensation that brings about a relaxed but not an altogether uninterested feeling but of calmed but intensified realization. ...
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