WALL STREET:THE MOVIE. In need for a code of ETHICS?

WALL STREET:THE MOVIE. In need for a code of ETHICS? Essay example
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Introduction The understanding of morality, as well as the struggle to define what is right or wrong in a given situation, is one that defines the code of ethics in business. The code of ethics which is followed is the defining factor of actions taken by those who are associated with a business.


Examining how the code of ethics is altered and what is involved in this becomes the basis for understanding the thin line between morality and becoming successful as a business leader. Gekko’s Approach to Make a Buck The main ideology which is presented in “Wall Street” is based on the combined efforts of Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko. Bud is learning how to maneuver within Wall Street while compromising ethical considerations, specifically because of his advice from Gekko. The principles which Gekko uses; however, are based on breaking morality and swindling illegal deals to make extra money. The concepts which he approaches are based on taking more money, information and ideologies from the company and trading these in for money, no matter what the measures or morality is. It is his belief that this is the only way to begin making money and to recover with finances, specifically because of the way in which money is swindled by other business leaders. The only ideology which Gekko is certain of throughout the movie is money and how to make this to become extremely rich, no matter what the cost. The approach which Gekko takes is one which is based first on finding ways to make money. ...
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