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 International Business Strategy Table of Contents SECTION A 3 Question-1 3 SECTION B 6 Question-2 6 Question-3 10 Reference 14 Bibliography 14 14 SECTION A Question-1 In 2006, Anthony Salim wants his Group to operate flexibly “in order to capture whatever opportunities may arise .


In order to understand the basic culture of Salim Group, it is necessary to trace its history. The understating of internal culture of the Group is important for assessing its rapid success in the domestic and international markets. Soedono Salim, the founder of Salim started his own trading company that used to deal in commodities like cloves and coffee with the prevailing leading companies of Indonesia. Besides he also partnered Indonesian army by supplying goods. In this period, he got acquainted with the future President of Indonesia, Suharto who was then an ambry office. The key success factor for the rapid growth of Salim Group was his contacts and close relationship with ruling political party. Since its inception, Soedono Salim took opportunists’ approach for achieve organizational success and it tried to capture many new business having greater opportunities in term of profitability in long run. When, Soedono Salim handed over the business to his son Anthony Salim, he has also taken the similar approach like his father. After the Asian Financial Crisis of 1990s, the Salim Group was severely hit and most of holding companies were given to the Government in order to pay off its huge debt. This period of crisis was the toughest for the Salim Group since its inception, and the fall of President Suharto made the things worse for the Salim Group. ...
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