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Organization Analysis and Change Toyota Motors Manufacturing Corporation Toyota Motors for the past several decades has remain on top if not is in the top five manufacturer of motor vehicle in the world. Its success is most notable in the area of automobile production and production line manufacturing.


However, on January 26, 2010, Toyota, suspended the sales of eight vehicles that was recalled for various problem which would include accelerator pedals (Welch, 2011). Having developed the Lean production concept as derived from the Toyota Production System, a question that begs to be answered is how these defects made it to the customers. These kinds of production issues were not the first but only the culmination of a declining culture of quality that is slowly creeping into the once formidable framework. The Lean manufacturing runs along the concept of making sure that all aspect of production takes into consideration the cost of production. Thus, optimization and efficiency are not only high priority but they are ultimate goal of every process. Lean manufacturing concept has learned from the mistakes of Taylorism and Fordism in terms of production processes. The Toyota Production System on the other hand was developed by Kiichiro Tayoda and Taichi Ohno from the foundation of the manufacturing concept built by the founder of Toyota Motors, Sakichi Toyoda. Learning and improving the works of Demmings and Ford, the Toyota Production System or simply TPS relies heavily on the “Just in Time Concept” of Toyota’s founder (Womack, Jones, & Roos, 2007). ...
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