Compare and Contrast Two Male Vocalists in Jazz

Compare and Contrast Two Male Vocalists in Jazz  Essay example
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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Writer Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year) Compare and contrast two male vocalists in jazz. Jazz is one of the most respected and appreciated form of music in America.


Assembled in this article are the two most influential and popular male Jazz vocalist of the modern era- Matt Dusk and Kevin Mahogany Matt Dusk is a 24 year old who has made a smashing start in the music industry because of his unique voice and a strange passion for classics. He adds his own inimitable style in his songs which engrosses and attracts the listeners. His passion for music and the way in which he combines different eras of Jazz to form an exclusive and distinctive epoch can be seen in his striking and spectacular debut album “two shots”. Kevin Mahogany, on the other started his career by creating two bands “Mahogany” and “Appolos”. These groups allowed Kevin to build up a huge fan following for himself in Kansas City. While working with these groups Kevin also kept on building his own style by studying the art forms of different artists. He released his debut album “Double Rainbow" which was a super hit and it was like a dream come true for an artist and it was a great success. Matt dusk is a crooner jazz singer and a stage performer who can make you dance and who gives a new touch to classics and Kevin Mahogany on the other hand is a singer who can bring out every single degree of sentiments from you. He puts his heart and soul in his songs and he certainly makes them sensational and sentimental. ...
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