Relation between Rap Music and Violence - Essay Example

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Relation between Rap Music and Violence

Rap music is a form of art which reflects the real life situations. The influence of rap music on teenagers is a hotly debated topic in America. Some people believe that rap music can create violent character and attitudes among teenagers while others strongly oppose this argument. Lots of studies have been conducted in America in order to measure the influence of rap music on deviant behaviours of teenagers and young adults. Findings of different studies again failed to reach a consensus in concluding whether rap music inject violence or not. This paper briefly analyses the rap music influences on teenagers.
“After studying 522 black girls between the ages of 14 and 18 from non- urban, lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, researchers found that compared to those who never or rarely watched these videos, the girls who viewed these gangsta videos for at least 14 hours per week were far more likely to practice numerous destructive behaviors. (Kirchheimer) The above research also concluded that the rap music listeners may hit the teachers three times more than an average teenager. Moreover these teenagers may have multiple sex partners and quiet often more volatile to the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol addiction. ...
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An essay examining the idea that Rap music (and their video) promotes violence. As there are a lot of different styles and sub-genres of Rap - we will discuss the most violent ones. …
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