Guido of arezzo. A change in Music History

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Guido of Arezzo A Change in Music History Guido d'Arrezo A change in Music History Guido d'Arrezo left the Pompey monastery as a Benedictine Monk in 1025. This paper will give other possibilities of his place of birth. It will explain why he could have left such a large monastery so quickly as a monk only to become a "school teacher".


Little is known of the first twenty years of the life of Guido d'Arezzo. It has always been assumed Guido d'Arrezo was supposed to have been born in Pompey. There are several schools of thoughts as to why this is not so. Les 20 Premieres Annees de la Vie du Guido d'Arezzo analyses other possibilities. He left Pompey in 1025 as a Benedictine Monk. Did he become a Benedictine monk at the Pompey monastery or did he come to the monastery with the title? As late as 1013, the Abbey of Arrezo has reference of a Guido as a cantor. There is absolutely no reference to a Guido being employed in a musical context in Pompey. There are references of a Guido in the church documents in Arrezo over a period of 10 years from 1001 to 1013 (Malfuci) If he were born in Pompey, this would have meant that he would have gotten his early musical training in Pompey. His birth year was c1990. (Grout 2001,59) If he had been born in Pompey, why would he have had the name d'Arrezo. It was common in European culture to take the name of towns as a last name. For a 10 year period from approximately 1015 to the time he left Pompey, there is very little documented reference to his life. (Aduci) He left the Monastery in 1025 because of his undocumented (musical) differences. ...
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