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What Are Your Thoughts About The Purpose And Value Of Music In Human History? - Essay Example


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What Are Your Thoughts About The Purpose And Value Of Music In Human History?

In the Eastern countries, people consider music as a way to develop and grow certain emotional feelings that would bring closer them to their Lord. And, at the same time, they become softer while communicating with humans as well. There is music in all things if men had ears (Byron, n.d).Music finds its history in both parts of the world- Eastern and Western culture. Additionally, music has been a valid component of human history throughout different ages for human growth and development.
Various reasons require studying the history of music. First, nowadays, globally, people only hear the news of killings, rape, violence, lawlessness and chaos. Humans in these times do not avail peaceful time. Second, many authors believe that the message of music is to spread peace, and harmony, not violence or hatred. Third, the music has strange but strong power to attach and bring together people belonging to different sect, caste, and color; it has unique attaching frequency, bringing people closer to one other. For example, if we go to a music program, we meet people belonging to different segments of society. On the other hand, if we go into a religious program, we hardly find such diversity. ...
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The sound of music appeals to every sort of human emotions. Not only the Western but also Eastern countries of the world are rich in musical history. Humans are made of different emotions such as love, anger, sympathy, passion and so on. …
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