Employee Performance Appraisal & Mitivation and Incentives

Employee Performance Appraisal & Mitivation and Incentives Essay example
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Employee Performance Appraisal & Motivation and Incentives 1) Nakheel Group is one of the largest property developers within Dubai. As far as its performance appraisal system is concerned, Nakheel is being aided with the Kenexa CareerTracker which is a powerful system being run in an automated fashion.


This is one of the reasons why Nakheel has been such a success in the recent years and is making giant strides within the property development regimes in Dubai. The performance appraisal system that is in place within Nakheel makes use of the strengths that the employees possess within their folds and how they bring together the same for the organizational success in the long run. The objectives of performance appraisal within Nakheel are to make sure that the employees are compensated what they do and how they do within the workplace domains. The performance appraisal system that is in place is geared to achieve a great deal more than it is doing at the present. However, the vision is set to attain greater heights as have been promised by the performance appraisal system which is working to good effect within the organization. The objectives are therefore very succinct as far as Nakheel Group is concerned. The performance appraisal is clear cut as far as finding out the best available resources for the organization as this will reap rich dividends for the organization in the future. Nakheel is being seen as a much desired employer by the aspirants who seek employment within its aegis. It makes the entire organization a sign of being a positive one for the people at large. ...
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