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Research Paper example - death penalty

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death penalty Research Paper example
Research Paper
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6/24/11 Death Penalty The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment means a person is being sentenced to death by legal procedure as a punishment for an offence. The crimes for which the death penalty is given are known as capital crimes. I hold the view that it is more reasonable to utilize the death penalty…

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People have the natural fear of death, even if one is not thinking consciously about it. Criminologists have been studying on the matter to see whether the death penalty can influence the murder rates. In the early 20th century the results were inconclusive. Later in 1973, Isaac Ehrlich put forward a new method of analysis through which he displayed more reliable results. From his studies he describes that for every inmate who was executed, seven lives were spared because others were pulled back from committing murder (“Arguments”). The death penalty can also become a deterrent to crime. The early societies had always used punishments to discourage the would-be criminals from committing any crime. As it is a matter of great importance to prevent crimes, we should use the strongest method of punishment available to deter crime, and the death penalty suits to that. If the execution of the prosecuted criminals are carried out at pace, the soon-to-be murderers will be forced to think twice before killing somebody. The legal system of Singapore can be an example for how death penalty becomes a deterrent to crime. Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. ...
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