Business opportunities in the leisure goods and activities industry

Business opportunities in the leisure goods and activities industry Essay example
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Business opportunities in the leisure goods and activities industry  Introduction The leisure good and activities industry is a multi-faceted industrial sector that offers people various avenues to explore, experience and enjoy their free time. The leisure industry offers a diverse set of options for individuals wishing to spend their vacations through hotels, tours, amusement parks, restaurants and sports facilities.


Besides, it is also necessary to analyze the revenue stream of a target company over a few years to determine the long-term prospects of the firm and its internal stability. Common examples of leisure-based goods or companies include Water Parks, Disneyland, Holiday Tour operators like Thomas Cook etc (Mark, 2010). The primary task of a leisure based company is to ensure that all requirements of a person on a vacation are adequately provided for within the latter’s budget and schedule. The following sections describe the analytical approach used to evaluate prospective business segments, within the leisure industry, that are useful from an investment perspective for AGPO Limited. The analysis is based on latest figures on consumer spending between 2002 and 2007 in various leisure activities such as holidays, restaurants, sports, gambling and entertainment. Trends in consumer spending on leisure activities According to Mathies (2009), consumers are wealthier today, with higher disposable incomes, than they were 20 years ago. ...
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