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Report Environmental Audit of a Household Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction and scope of audit 2.0 Overview of household activities 3.0 Environmental impact of electricity use 4.0 Environmental impact of waste disposal 5.0 Environmental impact of water consumption 6.0 Household “ins” and “outs” flow diagram 7.0 Conclusion and recommendation References Introduction and scope of audit According to the Office of National Statistics (2004), there is a growing consensus that the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to climate change globally.


It therefore means all sectors as well as households have to play a role in order to achieve that goal. This environmental audit report is based on an environmental review of my household which is a flat. The review took place between the periods July 4 and July 17, 2011. Everything that is done in the household has an impact on the environment. Electricity is used for energy in the household. It provides lighting and heating and provides energy to operate appliances. Electricity contributes to the emission of greenhouse gas which has a negative impact on the environment. Waste from household activities also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gas in the environment. All of these activities result in climate change which affects all of us. Water is a scare resource and the way it is used in households has an impact on environmental pollution which is just one of the consequences of climate change which is due also to the irresponsible consumption of water (Household Water Audit). Overview of household activities My household consists of three (3) persons, two of whom go out to work from Monday and Friday. ...
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