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Listening to Ray Charles' What'd I Say is exhilarating to say the least. A music of this kind during the early years of the Rock & Roll era would really have jolted the audiences (either black or white) from their reserved senses.


"What'd I Say" was banned by many black and white radio stations because of, as one critic noted, "the dialogue between himself and his backing singers that started in church and ended up in the bedroom." (Evans, 111) The music mixes the Black Gospel and Rhythm and Blues sounds tied together by a suggestive lyrics and catchy beat using gospel element in a twelve bar structure (Stephens, 21-43). Even on this era, if the music and the lyrics were to be produced today, it would still be progressive in terms of pushing boundaries between profanity and art. The song gave me a deeper understanding on historical and current influences of the music I have accustomed to. From Soul music, to The Beatles, to the Rolling Stones, to Modern Rock, Ray Charles' song rippled and reverberated in their sound and songs. It leads me to ponder and ask, how could one song produce this amount of influence and impact to the entirety of music? Regardless of the social conditions of the period, it has succeeded in delivering a universal message of humanity's primal rawness as suggested by the implicative lyrics and sophistication on the song's beat, rhythm, melody, and sound. The artistic genius behind the song is duly credited for being one the greatest songs of all time. What'd I Say's musical value does not rest on the controversy that it spurred nor on the impact and influence that it caused; these are mere testaments to the true worth and beauty of the piece. ...
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