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CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT by [Author’s Name] Cross-Cultural Management Introduction That culture profoundly affects management practices and outcomes has been abundantly established. The current state of research treats culture as one of the crucial dimensions of management.


In China, which has been heavily influenced by a unique combination of collectivism, communism, and Confucianism, these dimensions and their effects on management are extremely pronounced. Motivation exemplifies one of the most challenging aspects of organizational functioning in China. Yet, despite a wealth of literature on the topic, many of these dimensions and established beliefs require future consideration. The goal of this essay is to review the current state of knowledge about culture and motivation in China. The first half of this essay is devoted to the evaluation and criticism of cultural convictions about China through the prism of Hofstede’s and Trompenaars’ models. The second part of the essay talks about motivation within Chinese cultural contexts and the applicability of motivation theories in the Chinese culture. The main finding of this essay is that there is no one universal approach to the study of culture and motivation in cross-cultural contexts: cultures are never static, and it is never possible to predict how future cultural changes will affect organizations and employees in long-term periods. Hofstede, Trompenaars, and China: the culture-management relationship revisited China is rightly considered as one of the most popular objects of contemporary organization research. ...
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