Case study: Facing the Future

Case study: Facing the Future Essay example
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Running head: MANAGING FOR THE FUTURE Managing for the Future Insert Name Insert course title Insert Tutor’s Name July 13, 2011 Managing for the Future Case study: Facing the Future Introduction The global as well as the local economies in different parts of the world have exhibited changing trends in the past years.


Several factors can be considered to be behind the changing trends that have been witnessed and that are yet to be witnessed at the local and global scenes. One of the factors that led to the changing growth pattern of the economy at the beginning of the millennium was the introduction of the emerging market into the world market. The increased industrialization in various countries like India and China led to increased demand for various products in those markets. Business organizations took the advantage of the available opportunities to invest in the given regions. These regions were attractive as there were still cheap labour and availability of the raw materials for the production companies. The increased employment rates in those regions initiated the economic growth. There was a rise in the in the living standards with more demand on products like energy and food in the region. This demand surpassed the supply of the products thereby forcing the prices of the products to rise. This could be the reason that led to economic recession towards the end of the last decade. Another factor that affects the economic growth is the competition that is witnessed among different organizations in the global markets. ...
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