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Multinational Business Table of Contents 1.Introduction 3 2.Drivers Forces of Globalisation Process 4 3.Necessity of Multinational Businesses and its Influences 6 4.Challenges and Opportunities to Multinational Businesses led by Globalisation 8 4.1.Opportunities: 8 4.2.Challenges 9 5.Conclusion 10 Reference 12 1.


The globalization factor has influenced people’s cultural, social, lifestyles, knowledge etc. However, in this process, the most important outcome of globalisation process is the emergence of multinational business. The multinational business has made major contributions in the economic growth and developments as it helps in increasing employment, industrial production, better government control, higher GDP, national income etc. Having realised the growth importance of multinational business, the most developed and developing countries are following free trade policies to encourage multinational business. The recent developments in the field of international trade are primarily led by deregulation of the business in the global platform. The multinational business are very helpful in increasing flow of capital, exchanges of resources like labour force, raw material, technology etc and it also offer a number of opportunities to the multinational corporation along with hosting country. It brings the competition in the market by making the specific market matured and efficient. In this regard, Hope and Maeleng have described the trade policy as “competition-enhancing device” as the host countries’ market receive a number of new players making the market highly competitive for the existing domestic companies (Hope and Maeleng, 1998, p.52). ...
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