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Contemporary Brand Management Table of Contents Contemporary Brand Management 1 Table of Contents 2 Section 1 4 Brand 4 Background Information about Rolex 5 Brand Architecture 6 Section 2 7 Brand Positioning 7 Brand Positioning of Rolex 9 Comparison of Brand Positioning of Rolex with Citizen 10 Section 3 11 Brand Analysis 11 Product Life Cycle Analysis 11 Product Life Cycle (PLC) Strategy of Rolex 12 Brand Equity 13 Brand Value of Rolex 14 Brand Identity 15 Brand Identity of Rolex 16 16 Brand Pyramid 17 Brand Pyramid of Rolex 17 Brand Image 18 Rolex’s Brand Image and Brand Personality 20 Section 4 21 Advertising 21 Advertising Strategy of Rolex 23 Section 5 24 Brand Management Recommendatio


..a set of mental associations, held by the consumers, which add to the perceived value of a product or service” (Kapferer, 2008, pp. 10). The alliance ought to be exceptional, well distinctive, effective and affirmative. Brands act as a key attribute to differentiate its products or services from that of its competitors. It constructs a separate individuality for the company in favour of it from others. Brand is considered as the asset for an organisation as it augments the value of the product with the assistance of its outstanding salient features. A brand is intangible in nature as it does not possess the characteristic of being figured. Thus, it is quite different from being just a product, or a service or a commodity. It enhances the image of the corporation. Therefore, it is also different from a company. It has been witnessed that consumers review a product or service on the basis of the brand name that is allied with it. ...
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