Benefit Plan Design Analysis

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Benefit Plan Design Analysis Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Part Two: Statement of the Issue 3 Part Three: Literature Review 5 Part Four: Issue Analysis 9 Part Five: Issue Solution 10 Part Six: Solution and Implementation 12 Part Seven: Justification 15 Part Eight: Reflection 17 References 18 Part Two: Statement of the Issue There are numerous benefit programs that a company tends to employ on a continuous basis for the purpose of retaining the employees in the organization for a longer period.


However, it has been identified that despite several competitive employee benefit programs, American Airlines Incorporation has certain lacuna in its benefit plan. The issue associated in the benefit plan is that the company does not allow its employees to travel free of cost until and unless they have completed a period of ten years with the American Airline Association. The company also seems to be lacking in providing the other benefit plans in comparison to its competitors such as SouthWest Airways, Delta (AACareers, 2010). There are many cases filed against the company’s benefit plan such as ‘Robert T.Miller Appellant V. American Airlines, Inc,; American Airlines, Inc., Pilot Retirement Benefit Program Fixed Income Plan (A Plan); American Airlines, Inc Pension Benefits Administration Committee under case number 10-1784 on 1/25/2011’ (Third Judicial Circuit, 2011). The other case filed against the company has been ‘George W. BONIN, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. AMERICAN AIRLINES, INC. and the American Airlines, Inc. ...
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