Explain the main ideas of a pluralist model in a political process

Explain the main ideas of a pluralist model in a political process Essay example
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Name of author: Main ideas of a pluralist model in a political process “According to the pluralist model, power is exercised by the mass of the population, rather than by a small elite group” (Pluralism). Because of the above belief pluralism supports a government elected by majority of the people.


In the elections, voters will support only those political parties which stand for their ideologies and beliefs. Pluralism believes that politics and decision making processes are some of the duties of a government. Pluralists believe that no other entities like religion or judiciary has any role in politics or decision making even though such entities may have its own role in other matters. This paper analyses the main ideas pluralist model in a political process. Pluralists note that if a majority of people do not like what their representatives are doing, they can vote them out of office at the next election. Representatives, therefore, have to act in a way that is pleasing to the majority. They consider voting to be of only irregular significance. General elections occur periodically and individuals are asked to vote for packages of policies put together by political parties. Therefore, voters do not have an opportunity to wield influence on the specific issues that concern them; so pluralists claim that people are able to exercise power between elections by joining interest groups - such as political parties, trade unions and other pressure groups. ...
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