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Organic Foods - Research Paper Example

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Health, Environmental, and Socio-economic Impact of Organic Food Consumption First and Lastname Name of Institution Health, Environmental, and Socio-economic Impact of Organic Food Consumption Introduction Modern times have seen a dramatic increase of organic food consumption…

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Organic Foods

This growth in organic food consumption may be driven by the growing interest of consumers towards healthy lifestyle and environmentally-friendly foods. Unlike inorganic foods, foods which are organically grown are propagated and reared without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers and other harmful chemicals (Winter & Davis, 2006). Thus, it possesses high nutritional content and an approximately ? less residue of pesticides (Crinnion, 2010; “Organic Food,” n.d.). In addition, organically grown crops and livestock do not pose a threat into the environment. Various environmental groups claimed that chemicals used in conventionally propagating crops and breeding livestock contaminate the drinking water, and harm the surroundings (Fookes & Dalmeny, n.d.). However, some researchers argued that some facts about organic foods may be overlooked by consumers. In 2002 the United States Department of Agriculture warned the consumers of the parasites and bacteria found in organic crops. The absence of pesticides and preservatives in organically grown crops makes it more susceptible to bacteria and parasite infection. In turn, consuming organic crops may have an adverse effect to consumer’s health (as cited in Food Marketing Institute [FMI], 2007). This paper seeks to review and explore previous studies on the health and environmental effects of organically grown crops and livestock. ...
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