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Stereo Field

One of the radical changes in music production was marked through the development of computer music that involved pre-recorded media, speakers and stereos. Thus, the association between the music creation and physical human movement got disrupted through the use of computer that brought a type of non-instrumental composition in addition to the music production functions such as synthesis, recording and sequencing. However, the link between music and physical human movement has once again revived in the realm of computer music due to the use of latest sensors and the evolution of custom interfaces. The real time and highly interactive technologies allow computer music to extend itself to the physical world of human movement and thus, open the gate towards the creation of extremely imaginative alternative musical instruments such as the hyper instruments (HI’s) that were introduced by Tod Machover. Such interactive music systems offer limitless possibilities. Conventional instruments are highly interactive systems as they respond immediately to a specific physical action with a corresponding musical action. Hyper instruments are directly derived through conventional instruments and therefore, they respect this basic link with traditional instruments. However, hyper instruments revolutionize the functionality of conventional instruments since they fundamentally enhance the two sides of the interaction. ...
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This paper is going to investigate - how the stereo affects on human mind. The arrangement of any music is using the stereo image for 60 years and it did a revolution in a music industry as before there was only mono recording. …
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