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BM3615 - Global Marketing Table of Contents Overview 3 Question One: Environmental Factors Affecting Inniskillin 3 Question Two: Initial International Marketing Strategy 7 Question Three: Market Expansion and Entry Modes into American and European Markets 8 Question Four: Global Marketing Plan 10 Reference 13 Overview The case study is about the global marketing initiatives of the Inniskillin wine company and its internationalisation strategy in Canada and abroad.


There are many factors such as the changing consumers’ demographics and expectations, the nature of competitions and the advent of technologies that affect the operations of a firm among others. Question One: Environmental Factors Affecting Inniskillin The environmental factors play a significant role in the business and in a country’s growth. The numerous factors that will be discussed in this context are political factors, economic factors, social factors, technological factors, environmental factors and legal factors (Jones & Hirasawa, 2008). Political Factors It can be mentioned that the political as well as the legal factors have been favourable for the success of the Inniskillin. After the end of the prohibition on sales of the alcohol, most of the companies have built their reputation in Canadian market of spirits and beers. Despite the wine market remaining sectioned, the market seemed to be expanding because of the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) that assists in maintaining the standard as well as the quality control. This can assist the Canadian wine to achieve more recognition in the global market especially for the production of the Icewine. ...
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