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Water Cycle Water is a vital resource that is important for the survival of life on this planet. Water is under the process of continuous movement between atmosphere and lithosphere through processes like evaporation, condensation, infiltration, surface run off, melting and precipitation.


Surface water i.e. rivers lakes, ground water are the main sources of fresh water for human consumption such as household, irrigation, industrial purposes etc. Some of the freshwater sources are renewable and others are non-renewable. Renewable resources can refresh themselves naturally with the passage of time but some human activities are changing them into non renewable resources. Using ground water at a rate exceeding its recharging can result in climate change like less rainfall, extensive flooding etc. This is what is happening in the Edward ground water reservoir of Central Texas. North Africa, China, India all these countries are facing this problem of ground water depletion and this condition will become more severe in future. Surface water (rivers) is crucial for agriculture as well as for industries. Rainfall and melting of glaciers are the sources of water in these rivers. Deforestation by the humans is disturbing the rain system, and resulting in less rainfall so less amount of water is added to the rivers. Construction of dams etc results in less water reaching delta regions of rivers. It affects the fish species living in the wetland areas. Around 80% of all the wetlands present in Europe have been destroyed. In large parts of the world, rivers are considered as dumping sites for wastewater. ...
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