The music of Stravinsky.

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Although Stravinsky’s father was a star singer in the imperial opera he expected him to become bureaucrat. Before he made his decision to become a musician Stravinwsky had finishd his law course at the University of Saint Petersburg.


Due to the University’s closure following a bloody Sunday, he could not take his final exams and could only receive a diploma. As a result he chose to consntrate in music and was taught private lessons on music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov who almost acted like his second father. Stravisky got married to Katerina Nossenko, his cousin and despite the Orthordox church’s opposition on such marriages, they finaly managed to tie the not on January 23, 1906. Thye gave birth to four kids that is Fyodor born in 1907, Ludmilla born in 1908, Soulima(1910) and Maria Milena(1913) according to Straus (22). By the time he finished hi studies Stravinsky was already a excellent amateur pianist and also could play along with the singer.He was also an expert in Russsian, Italian and French opera. Stravinsky’s best friend was Stephan Mitusov who was a step son of a prince and who helped him advance his career in music. Mitusov would translate French poems and Stravinsky would make music from them.
The idea of objectivity is a central theme both in life and in compositions of Stranvinsky.Stranvinsky grew up I environment where he was exposed to music, literature and art given that his father was a known operatic bass.At the age of nine Stravinsky started his piano classes and he studied counterpoint as well as music theory. Rimsky adviced him to compose on his own and gave him composition and orchestra lessons, which helped him, begin his career in music composition. ...
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