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Film Music: Superman

John Williams successfully melded the Superman comic book mythology with the scale upon which the movie was presented. In fact, One may even hazard to say that this particular piece of musical scoring brought the bygone era of orchestral fanfare to a whole new audience. Not all movies can after all, credit the London Symphony Orchestra with having brought their overture brought to life for the big screen. Which is why even though Star Wars and Indiana Jones, both movies shown during the same era as Superman and both also scored by John Williams, cannot even hold a candle to the amazing opening theme of the latter. One will come to a whole new appreciation for this John Williams masterpiece after listening to and viewing its accompanying movie opening credits via Youtube. At 19 seconds into the video, the sounds of strings and horns remind the listeners of an earlier, more innocent time. The music evokes a sense of nostalgia and bygone youth as the image of the Action Comic featuring Superman comes to light onscreen. Then the voice of a little boy takes over from the dimming music in order to tell us the history of Superman. Who he is and how he came to be. All the while the music plays almost silently in the background. ...
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Film Music : Superman Superman was the iconic comic book character created in 1938. As a fictional character, he embodied all that is the best of America and its citizens. His costume of red, white, and blue, took after the American flag and signified the courage of all the citizens of this great nation…
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