Events Management: Principles & Practice

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Events Management: Principles & Practice Table of Contents Introduction 3 Objectives 3 The Marketing Plan 4 The Finance Plan 8 The Human Resource Plan 12 Appendix 15 Conclusion 18 References 19 Bibliography 23 Introduction The method through which an organisation manages various events is referred as event management.


Al., 2004). ‘Music event management’ is an exciting and rewarding area related with the music industry that requires a great deal of hard work. The various factors that influence a music event management include safety legislation, safe working exercises, promotional activities, teamwork development, time & people management, allocation of various respective functions and keeping financial records among others (BTEC National, 2010). Objectives The aim or objective of this paper is to produce an event proposal especially for the music industry management students who are planning to conduct a series of music events. The paper demonstrates various skills and knowledge which are needed to manage the music events. An event proposal will be prepared which will take into consideration the marketing plan, the finance plan including a planned budget for the series of events and the human resource plan. The Marketing Plan The first step of organising and managing a particular event is formulating a marketing plan. In general, a marketing plan provides direction for executing marketing activities. The marketing plan details about the functioning of the marketing strategies and ultimately helps to attain the desired objectives. ...
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