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This song is performed on a cello without any other instruments. The piece is in a classical style, though very well performed by Yo-Yo Ma. The piece demonstrates incredible technical skill by the artist, who is able to adjust pitch and volume exactly, and it crests and falls in a very interesting way creating a sense of journey as you listen to the song.


At the same time it is certainly interesting to listen to and somehow seems to transfix you when you listen to it, like it is the only thing in the world. The second song remains in the same genre of traditional European classical music as the first one, but the instrumentation changes from the stringed cello to the piano. I find this piece a bit more evocative for some reason, perhaps it is the minor key moodiness that still speaks loud and clear to me hundreds of years after this was written, but I find that I can emote more strongly with this piece than with the yo-yo ma one. It also seems to have an interesting kind of subtlety to it, I do not think that it shoves its message down your throat but rather lets you kind of sit back and let it wash over you, with shallow lulls and low highs that keep you relatively grounded. The third song is “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. I find this song to be incredibly (almost sickeningly) poppy. It has an unvaried four-four time with stress on the two and the four, and uses many of the traditional pop instruments of the eighties. ...
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