The importance or non-importance of "authenticity" in current popular music.

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The Importance of “Authenticity” in Current Popular Music Word Count: 1500 (6 pages) I. Introduction: The Importance of Authenticity in Pop Music The importance of authenticity in 21st century popular (“pop”) music cannot be underestimated. Fans of pop stars want to know that their celebrity pop icons are quote “keeping it real.” Many times, pop stars use incidents that have happened in real life to foment their musical careers, writing one song that becomes a hit—usually particularly because of its authenticity and the way people can relate to the truth in the song.


Such music “Stripes a chord” with listeners, leaving them wanting to hear more of those particular artists who are most truthful in their pop songs. And, not only does this boost sales, but it boosts awareness of the pop star and his or her brand. Three examples of how artists have “kept it real” with their adoring public by releasing songs dealing with real life include: the song “Better on the Other Side” Tribute to Michael Jackson by The Game Ft. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher, & Boyz II Men, based on celebrating the life of Michael Jackson after he had died; Mariah Carey’s song “Obsessed,” dealing with the topic of her stalker; and finally, Lady GaGa’s song “Born This Way,” which directly addressed the issue of gay rights in her song. II. “Better on the Other Side” Tribute to Michael Jackson Michael Jackson was popular, but with popularity came the price of fame, so to speak. ...
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