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Complete Name: Course: Title: A Comparative Analysis of Hiphop by Kurtis Blow in 1985 and by Nas in 1996 In theme, both of Kurtis Blow’s hit “If I Ruled the World” in 1985 and the version rendered by Nas bearing the same title in 1996 share a common principle of rapping the socio-political struggle against abusive authorities.


As mentioned in K. Blow’s composition of “If I Ruled the World” which initiates with ‘If I ruled the world, was king on the throne I’d make peace in every culture, build the homeless home / I’m not runnin’, for Congress or the President / I’m just here, to tell the world, how my story went’, already the rapper’s aim or how he would manage to proceed from this stage becomes clear. A message of peace or unification upon a diverse culture and race is conveyed, being quite a necessity to express hope of ceasing discrimination and rigid social structure in a society where poor continue to get by a rather low quality of living. Similarly, the song points out well how a huge change or reform must be taken by the government officials for any intended progress to create impact especially upon the social security and impoverished state of economy among mass communities. During this period, the global economic condition occurred to be heading towards an increased level of decline while most public officials kept their corrupt deeds as exclaimed in ‘To fight crime and hunger and poverty / ‘Cause the African baby is dyin’ overseas / While you sucker mission politicians bustin’ out Zs .. ...
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