The History of Jazz in America before the 1900’s

The History of Jazz in America before the 1900’s Research Paper example
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The History of Jazz in America before the 1900’s
The American people value and respect the development of jazz as a form of music. This is because they consider it as a form of expressing their national and cultural identity.


This paper will extensively discuss the roots and history of jazz in America before the twentieth century. Introduction The main reason of referring to jazz as improvisional music is that it draws its musical and rhythmic styles strongly upon the ragtime, blues, gospel and other African-American styles. Jazz originated from New Orleans amongst the black population as the bequest of slave trade that mainly found the city the first port of call1. The Eurocentric ladder of cultures instituted at the turn of the nineteenth century disparaged the new American music known as jazz. There was denunciation of jazz as discordant, overly accessible, uncivilized, and subversive to reason and order since it contradicted the complex, harmonious, exclusive culture. It was not until the Second World War that the jazz musicians were able to reverse these attitudes. They helped transform the view of culture by outdoing the adjectival cultural categories and insisting that there were no boundary lines while at the same time showing that their art was an important vibrant part of American culture2. Jazz is also a repertory, which formalizes its different stages of development into classical styles, which express the American feelings and thoughts musically. It is therefore, an American way of creating music. ...
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