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HIP-HOP: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Name: Instructor: Introduction Hip hop is an artistic culture and a form of musical expression that originated in New York City in the 1970s. The Asian, Latino and African- American communities living in Bronx were the responsible for the rise, growth and development of the hip-hop culture.


It was very entertaining using dictionaries to write rhymes and rapping about science and issues that affected the society.Hip hop is made up of four basic elements: DJing,MCing, Breakdancing and Aerosol Art (Graffiti).AfrikaBambaatana, popularly known as ‘Godfather of Hip-hop,’ pioneered the first artistic battles that incorporated the four elements of hip-hop as a tactic in substituting violent disputes. Discussion In the recent times, gangster rap has grown to become mainstream and thus influencing children so much that they don’t have interest in listening to hip-hop that fails to mention pimping, smoking of blunts or drinking(Holmes&Brad,2008). Media on the other hand has played a major role in fusinggangster rap and hip-hop. Gangster rap is classified under MCing, and this is just one –fourth of what hip-hop is made up of. It is therefore not logical to define hip-hop basing on gangster rap since it does not address the contribution made by the other three elements. However, gangster rap has been glamorized by the corporate media(Holmes & Brad, 2008). ...
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