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Hip hop - Essay Example

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Hip hop

It was very entertaining using dictionaries to write rhymes and rapping about science and issues that affected the society.Hip hop is made up of four basic elements: DJing,MCing, Breakdancing and Aerosol Art (Graffiti).AfrikaBambaatana, popularly known as ‘Godfather of Hip-hop,’ pioneered the first artistic battles that incorporated the four elements of hip-hop as a tactic in substituting violent disputes. Discussion In the recent times, gangster rap has grown to become mainstream and thus influencing children so much that they don’t have interest in listening to hip-hop that fails to mention pimping, smoking of blunts or drinking(Holmes&Brad,2008). Media on the other hand has played a major role in fusinggangster rap and hip-hop. Gangster rap is classified under MCing, and this is just one –fourth of what hip-hop is made up of. It is therefore not logical to define hip-hop basing on gangster rap since it does not address the contribution made by the other three elements. However, gangster rap has been glamorized by the corporate media(Holmes & Brad, 2008). They have managed to use it in marketing of their products and labeling it ‘Hip-hop.’ It is beyond any doubt that in our recent society, hip-hop has proved to be very marketable hence being used as a marketing strategy for selling products ranging from clothes to shoes to liquor to dolls, just mention but a few. Most corporate companies which use hip-hop to advertise and promote their products have led to the emergence of postmodern generation of youths with massive buying power. These corporate companies are on the fore front in theorizing pedagogies of consumptions as a way of appropriating the differences facing the youths in different locations and sites. For instance, Co-cola Company used a famous song ‘Waving Flag’ by a Somali born musician K’naan. The song received lots of attention from the youth all over the world because of its strong message and entertaining rhythm. Coca-Cola Company must have chosen the song because of its richness in culture and the energy. The song mixes the Ethiopian culture with that of other parts of the world. K’naan’s song is rich in language and very interestingly combines the Canadian accent with the Somali accent. In this case, the song has managed to bring the two languages together and thus the youths coming from the two locations appreciate each other’s language as well as culture. Being a Somali born and living in Canada,K’Naan has managed to bring people from different races together with his song. The song was unanimously acclaimed by people from different races since it did not look down upon other races. Coke successfully managed to use K’Naan’s song as a campaign song for the 2010 Fifa World Cup tournament in Africa. The music captured the host-continent’s spirit and the celebratory mood associated with soccer in stadiums. Coke wanted a song that could cross borders easily and capture people’s heart. They needed a song that would be in line with its world marketing strategy, a song that would open happiness and bring joy to its target group. The artist was also to have an inspiring backstory(Duane, 2010). Coke’s marketing team fell in love with K’Naan, his multinational upbringing and the sweeping melody and chorus of his song, “Waving’ Flag”. The song talked of K’ ...Show more


HIP-HOP: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Name: Instructor: Introduction Hip hop is an artistic culture and a form of musical expression that originated in New York City in the 1970s. The Asian, Latino and African- American communities living in Bronx were the responsible for the rise, growth and development of the hip-hop culture…
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Hip hop essay example
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