J.S. Bach's Cantata 91

J.S. Bach
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Joorie Lee October 10, 2011 Topic:  J.S. Bach’s Cantata#91 BWV 91 In Leipzig, J.S. Bach as the church chief musician wrote 27 cantatas for Christmas day . Cantata # 91 BWV 91 represents the first. (http://baroquemusique.org) Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (All praise to Thee, Jesus Christ by Richard Stokes), a chorale cantata was first performed in 1724 .


It will be shown how Bach used the different orchestration techniques to illustrate the differences of emotion and the development of the life of Jesus. There are the use of voices, instrumentation and the use of the words of the Cantata to bring this beautiful piece together. The words of the Cantata were taken from the writings of Martin Luther. In the 16th century, he based his liturgical melodies partly on melodies from the middle ages in the 14th century. It is not known who wrote some of the hymn. One must note that Germany was not a Catholic country. The leise or (hymn) "Gelobet seist du Jesu Christ" was used to replace psalm chorals before sermons at Christmas time.(www.bach-cantatas.com So it was an appropriate title for Bach to use. Bach uses three of the verses. "Jesus was born as a human being and became the Son of God. He is eternal as he is humble as he was born from flesh and blood. We should thank him eternally." He adds an additional 2 verses at the beginning and end (2,3,2). The cantata tells a story of Jesus birth thus the Christmas Cantata. There are 6 movements but 7 verses. Each movement is attached with the use of Kyrie Eleison as the last phrase. ...
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