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Human life is very precious, short, and irreplaceable. Many societies have developed norms, which promote peaceful coexistence. Societal norms aim at protecting human rights.


Some people like creating mayhem in the community thereby destroying the values and strides that the society has made in upholding human rights. . Artists take their time in producing war songs or sometimes they may produce a song that criticizes war in the society. Some songs drum vital information about the need for war or oppose war in the society. The modern society just like the ancient society used music to express to warm, teach, praise, and console the society. War is like a double aged sword that cut with both edges. In the same way, war has devastating effects to the parties involved in it. Though war may be necessary in the society, it is always wise to choose peace. With this understanding, this paper explores the effects of war in the society. Quest for political supremacy is a major factor that contributes to war in the world. Political wings, which crave for power, may sometimes fail to identify the need for peace, thus instigating war in the society. In many cases, war has many negative impacts to the world than positive impacts. War has psychological, physical, economical, and social effects to the society. War period is a difficult time for the soldiers and the civilians. People abandon their normal activities and search for peaceful environment. Children and women usually face the worst time in their lives during war because they are weak. Running from one battleground to the other would be difficult for women and children. ...
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