Haydn and Mozart Music Analysis

Haydn and Mozart Music Analysis Essay example
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A Classical Concert It was a beautiful fall afternoon, October 30th as the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra was set to perform the Chamber Classics from Haydn and Mozart at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, TN. Ildar Khuziakhmetov was the cello soloist. He is from Uzbekistan .


The choice of music was excellent because it illustrated three types of music genre or form of the Classical era: the Concerto/Sonata, the Symphony and the Overture of a vocal piece. These three forms started in the Baroque as smaller instrumental compositions and still exist today. The forms are concrete. The chamber orchestras are defined. The instruments, which were standardized, were used for for proper orchestration. A perfect example today is the use of the piano in the continuation of Haydn's Il ri In the Classical era, as the chamber orchestra took on a different meaning, strings and wind instruments were considered an ensemble and forms of music were more defined. Wind instruments (oboes and brass) were combined with strings. Strings were defined as violins, violas, cellos, and bass. It is interesting that the Basso was still part of Haydn's repertoire though it was not used by other composers. The bass continuo (harpsichord) was still used by Mozart but less and less. As the chamber orchestra and musical ensembles were well defined, musical form became clearer. The sonata form of three movements differ from the baroque period where it was a group of diverse movements of music (Grout 385) The Sifonio is a short prelude to a vocal piece of music. It was commonly interchanged with overture. The classic era of music lasted over a period of 70 years. Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven were the principal composers. ...
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