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How themes from gospel songs and the songs themselves have repeatedly been used in a rhythm and blues context? - Essay Example

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How themes from gospel songs and the songs themselves have repeatedly been used in a rhythm and blues context?

This led to repetition of gospel music in a rhythm and blues context. Blues music can be said to be that music that developed from a blue note. Blues emerged as a result of self expression of the African-American community members in the United States of America, from gospel music, work songs, chant songs, and rhymed songs mainly meant to describe desperate moods of the African-Americans. At that time, according to Charles (2004) black music was termed as inferior. Blues music never needed other accompaniments during performances but, after some time they accepted the use of rhythm groups and horns rather than just the gutter alone. The general format of blues music can be traced back to the African music format of chorus answer format. It was noted that bluesmen like Skip James, Charley Patton, and Georgia Tom Dorsey are known to gain influence from spiritual songs. Gospel music developed in the early 1930s where most of the artists started performing gospel music in churches. Musicians such as King, Ruth Brown and Ray Charles are the leaders on transformation of country blues to modern blues and the developments of music blues from Soul. They are also credited for the improvement of vocal techniques that are applicable in the today’s contemporary world. Blues music was accused and named as having a great relationship with the devil's works. ...Show more


Themes in gospel songs in rhythm and blues context Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Themes in gospel songs in rhythm and blues context Black popular music tradition is referred to as Rhythm and blues. Since 1940s – 1960s, this kind of music was known as black pop-music…
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