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Essay example - Jazz Music

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Date: JAZZ MUSIC Jazz originated in the 20th century in the communities of the African American in the South America. It is basically a mixture of African and European music as it is influenced by the traditions of both, African and European music…

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The slaves bought with themselves their music traditions (Cooke, 7-9). There were grand dinners and festivals arranged which featured the African dances in the city of New Orleans. Similar gatherings occurred in New England and New York. The African music lacked the harmony present in the European music but the rhythms reflected the similarity of the two music genres (Cooke, 11-14). An increasing number of black musicians eventually learnt how to play various European instruments in the early 19th century, especially the violin. The black slaves who had come as a result of the slave trade had by now learned the harmonic style of European music and incorporated it into their own music styles (Cooke, 14-28). Many historians agree to it that jazz began just prior to the 20th century and its birthplace is the city of New Orleans. Prior to the World War I, the Creole band which was a band of New Orlean black musicians toured many parts of the country and therefore, jazz music was introduced to many cities like this. The Dixieland band group created the very first example of Ned Orleans style jazz by recording the music. The very first Blues number was the “Dallas Blues” recorded in the year 1912. There were many hit songs from different musicians in the 1900’s including Saint Louis Blues by W.C Handy and Indiana by Ballard MacDonald. ...
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